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What is OSN’s Retina 150? The OSN Retina 150 is a select group of retina specialists the editors and publisher have identified as leading innovators in the field of medical and surgical retina. The list is a compilation of specialists who either work to educate their colleagues or innovate by developing novel technologies and techniques to advance the specialty.

The editors and publisher used no magic formula or algorithm to develop the OSN Retina 150 list. Rather, we went with our collected knowledge and experience with these individuals. Admittedly, we know we missed other notable innovators, but overall, we believe it is a good list. We plan to use this list as a way to encourage discussion. Do you want to join the discussion? If so, please reach out to us and share your ideas and feel free to point out if you believe yourself or a colleague was inadvertently left off the list.

We believe the OSN Retina 150 is a tool for kick-starting conversations and evolving the retina specialties. In future issues, we will share with you results of the surveys we conduct, video perspectives we gather and Round Table discussions we conduct with OSN Retina 150 members.

We look forward to your feedback and how we can best use Ocular Surgery News and the OSN Retina 150 to do even better for the profession. Contact the editors at

  • Ahmed Abdelsalam, MD, FACS | Chicago, Illinois
  • Thomas A. Albini, MD| Miami, Florida
  • Rajendra S. Apte, MD, PhD | St. Louis, Missouri
  • James J. Augsburger, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Robert L. Avery, MD | Santa Barbara, California
  • Carl C. Awh, MD | Nashville, Tennessee
  • George W. Aylward, MD | London, United Kingdom
  • Sophie J. Bakri, MD | Rochester, Minnesota
  • Alok Bansal, MD | Mountain View, California
  • Michael D. Bennett, MD | Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Audina S. Berrocal, MD | Miami, Florida
  • Maria H. Berrocal, MD | San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Mark S. Blumenkranz, MD | Palo Alto, California
  • David S. Boyer, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Neil M. Bressler, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • Susan B. Bressler, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • David M. Brown, MD, FACS | Houston, Texas
  • Jeremiah Brown Jr., MD | San Antonio, Texas
  • Alexander J. Brucker, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Brandon Busbee, MD | Nashville, Tennessee
  • Peter A. Campochiaro, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • Antonio Capone Jr., MD | Royal Oak, Michigan
  • R.V. Paul Chan, MD, FACS | Chicago, Illinois
  • Stanley Chang, MD | New York, New York
  • Steve T. Charles, MD | Memphis, Tennessee
  • Emily Y. Chew, MD | Bethesda, Maryland
  • David R. Chow, MD | Toronto, Ontario
  • Thomas B. Connor Jr., MD | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Scott W. Cousins, MD | Durham, North Carolina
  • Donald J. D’Amico, MD | New York, New York
  • Eugene de Juan, MD | San Francisco, California
  • Vincent A. Deramo, MD | Great Neck, New York
  • David A. Diloreto Jr., MD, PhD | Rochester, New York
  • Diana V. Do, MD | Omaha, Nebraska
  • Kimberly Drenser, MD, PhD | Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Pravin U. Dugel, MD | Phoenix, Arizona
  • Jay S. Duker, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Alexander M. Eaton, MD | Fort Myers, Florida
  • Justis P. Ehlers, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dean Eliott, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lisa J. Faia, MD | Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Amani A. Fawzi, MD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Sharon Fekrat, MD, FACS | Durham, North Carolina
  • Philip J. Ferrone, MD | Great Neck, New York
  • Howard F. Fine, MD | New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Yale L. Fisher, MD | New York, New York
  • Harry W. Flynn Jr., MD | Miami, Florida
  • Jorge A. Fortun, MD | Miami, Florida
  • K. Bailey Freund, MD | New York, New York
  • Thomas R. Friberg, MS, MD | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Morton F. Goldberg, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • Christine A. Gonzales, MD | Ashland, Oregon
  • Evangelos S. Gragoudas, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Julia A. Haller, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Lawrence Halperin, MD | Orlando, Florida
  • Dennis P. Han, md | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • J. William Harbour, MD | Miami, Florida
  • Seenu Hariprasad, MD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Tarek S. Hassan, MD | Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Jeffrey S. Heier, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Allen C. Ho, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Nancy Holekamp, MD | St. Louis, Missouri
  • David Huang, MD, PhD | Portland, Oregon
  • Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD | Los Angeles, California
  • Michael S. Ip, MD | Madison, Wisconsin Glenn J. Jaffe, MD | Durham, North Carolina
  • Mark W. Johnson, MD | Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Richard S. Kaiser, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Peter K. Kaiser, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD | Los Angeles, California
  • Judy E. Kim, MD | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Stephen J. Kim, MD | Nashville, Tennessee
  • Szilárd Kiss, MD | New York, New York
  • John Kitchens, MD | Lexington, Kentucky
  • James M. Klancnik Jr., MD | New York, New York
  • Jackie Kovach, MD | Plantation, Florida
  • Ferenc Kuhn, MD, PhD | Birmingham, Alabama
  • Derek Kunimoto, MD | Phoenix, Arizona
  • Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD, PhD | Irvine, California
  • Michael M. Lai, MD, PhD | Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Rohit “Ross” Lakhanpal, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • Byron L. Lam, MD | Miami, Florida
  • Maurice B. Landers III, MD | Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Thomas C. Lee, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Yannek Leiderman, MD, PhD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Theodore Leng, MD | Palo Alto, California
  • Roy A. Levit, MD | New York, New York
  • Jennifer I. Lim, MD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Phoebe Lin, MD | Portland, Oregon
  • Mathew MacCumber, MD, PhD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Tamer Mahmoud, MD | Durham, North Carolina
  • Martin A. Mainster, PhD, MD | Kansas City, Kansas
  • Daniel F. Martin, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • John O. Mason III, MD | Birmingham, Alabama
  • Colin A. McCannel, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Tara McCannell, MD, PhD | Los Angeles, California
  • William F. Mieler, MD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Daniel Miller, MD, PhD | Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Virgilio Morales-Canton, MD | Mexico City, Mexico
  • Robert Morris, MD | Birmingham, Alabama
  • Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA | Los Angeles, California
  • Darius M. Moshfeghi, MD | Palo Alto, California
  • Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD | Durham, North Carolina
  • Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBA | Miami, Florida
  • Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc | Omaha, Nebraska
  • Michael D. Ober, MD | Southfield, Michigan
  • Timothy W. Olsen, MD | Atlanta, Georgia
  • Kirk H. Packo, MD | Chicago, Illinois
  • Gholam A. Peyman, MD | Phoenix, Arizona
  • John S. Pollack, MD | Joliet, Illinois
  • Jonathan Prenner, MD | New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Carmen A. Puliafito, MD, MBA | Los Angeles, California
  • Franco M. Recchia, MD | Nashville, Tennessee
  • Carl D. Regillo, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Elias Reichel, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Kourous A. Rezaei, MD | Harvey, Illinois
  • Christopher Riemann, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Richard B. Rosen, MD | New York, New York
  • Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD | Miami, Florida
  • Stephen R. Russell, MD | Iowa City, Iowa
  • Srinivas R. Sadda, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Reginald J. Sanders, MD | Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • David Sarraf, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Andrew P. Schachat, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Steven D. Schwartz, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Ingrid U. Scott, MD, MPH | Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Gaurav K. Shah, MD | St. Louis, Missouri
  • Carol L. Shields, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Jerry A. Shields, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Michael A. Singer, MD | San Antonio, Texas
  • Lawrence J. Singerman, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Rishi Singh, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Robert Sisk, MD | Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jason S. Slakter, MD | New York, New York
  • William E. Smiddy, MD | Miami, Florida
  • Lucia Sobrin, MD, MPH | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Richard F. Spaide, MD | New York, New York
  • Sunil Srivastava, MD | Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jay Stewart, MD | San Francisco, California
  • Manju L. Subramanian, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • William S. Tasman, MD | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • David Telander, MD | Sacramento, California
  • John T. Thompson, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
  • Paul E. Tornambe, MD | Poway, California
  • Cynthia A. Toth, MD | Durham, North Carolina
  • Nadia K. Waheed, MD, MPH | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Alexander C. Walsh, MD | Los Angeles, California
  • Robert T. Wendel, MD | Sacramento, California
  • David F. Williams, MD, MBA | Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • George A. Williams, MD | Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Andre Witkin, MD | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD | Houston, Texas
  • Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD | New York, New York
  • Steven Yeh, MD | Atlanta, Georgia
  • David N. Zacks, MD | Ann Arbor, Michi

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