An icon in a world full of icons. The BEI concept.

An icon in a world full of icons. 

The BEI concept.

Fashions, trends, styles.  Here today and gone tomorrow, too many are often short lived.  Only a very few concepts really stand the test of time.  In order to persevere, they need to be greater than the prevailing spirit, to withstand the test of time; they have to have something truly special and meaningful to offer.

To attain iconic status, requires the balance of youthful optimism with seasoned success and durability.  Providing something special and standing for being different drives us and will hopefully help inspire generations to come.  BEI: with its roots planted long ago, now in its 5th decade, has continually evolved.  In essence, however, it has always remained true to its original quest, not satisfied with just being the best in Hawaii, but rather we wish to reach beyond and the become very best for Hawaii.



The Eye Center of Hawaii, has been the ambassador for a better Hawaii and we constantly strive for  everything aloha aina, uniting the past, present and the future.  Embodying a wealth of memories as well as visions.  Firmly rooted in tradition, yet always moving forward.  This is what makes BEI a timeless ohana.

Moving to the 21st Century.


Retina Institute of Hawai’i.

Following on from 35 years of medical advancements, the retinal evolution was underway, the tenth generation of Emory retinal fellows benefited from the pioneers in the field combined with a giant leap forward in medical delivery.  While remaining true to the search for ground truth idiom, restoring and saving vision was now possible.  The biggest innovation of all was taking this knowledge base and skill from the university, by providing technology to all satellite clinical locations in the local communities, signaled a new era for Hawai’i.

Into the future.

Doctors gut intuition or discussion and acting on raw scientific data?

A question that has sparked heated debate.  One thing that was certain: with the passing of the nineties, patients no longer were beholden the samurai doctors and their first person bias, they could now see visual data presented before their own eyes.  While many clung onto the theory that the doctor knows best, our surgeons and physicians were more humbled and less sentimental:  for us a current fact-based system was simply a more efficient and better way to proved care and, therefore, more data equaled better visual results.  If we can measure it, we can work to make it better and that is future-proof.

One in a million.  The next milestone. 

Project VISION

With over a million people living in the state, having a single person lose vision from diabetes and other preventable conditions is one to many. As a community driven organization, expansion of Project Vision Hawaii has been guided by necessity. Since founding this program in 2007, it has grown from one mobile screening unit to three mobile screening units serving Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu.  Project Vision has the only mobile health screening programs that provide statewide services in communities with significant access-to-care challenges.  To date, project Vision has provided free care and services to over 115,00 people in need.

There was much discussion about the next generation at the start.  And not just because of its best in country retinal results, RIH and its affiliates’ demonstrated how fit for the future it had become: it was technologically smarter, larger, becoming more efficient and now had the capability of offering its customers a noticeably better experience and end result.

2020An innovation is a tradition – The new BEI.

The new BEI is the sum of all of its parts and predecessors – and therefore both a reflection of the past and a vision for the future. 

The compassion: iconic.  The design: timeless.  Our team combined with ever evolving technology continues to deliver outstanding results.  Inspired by or great history, our future victories lie just ahead.  As we look to establish a new benchmark for Hawaii, we simply desire to help, look to conquer each challenge with clarity and benchmarking the concept of delivering our best.

Since the beginning, the journey is our destination.  Where to? Let’s see.

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What our

Patients Say

"The service here is commendable. I feel very comfortable when I’m here, and there’s progress with my vision. Always good results. Nothing needs to be improved here."


"Well worth the 3-hr drive I made to get to my first appt. I told Dr. Safi I will follow him anywhere. He’s the best. I trust him; he’s an Army doctor, and they see worse things up at Tripler because of the military exposure. And he’s always in a good mood; helps put you at ease. I recommend you guys to everyone."


"It’s almost like I was born on the day of the surgery.  This has definitely been life-changing for me. Every day I am evolving, finding out things I couldn’t do before that I can do now."

Tiaturi T.

"My provider is beyond proficient. Not only is my provider professional, knowledgeable, and caring, but actually prays with you before surgical procedures. Nothing like knowing you are in the more than capable hands of two beings."

John B.

"Wonderful office and staff. Very professional, knowledgeable and a sincere demeanor with clients. I would highly recommend their services."

Alice W.
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